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Welcome to this web site. My hope is that you will find it interesting and enlightening Perhaps some of the images will inspire you to experience similar situations to those I have been fortunate enough to encounter.

I am Australian and I currently work in Baku, Azerbaijan. Being a teacher I have a lot of holidays, which gives me the opportunity to pursue two of my passions – travel and photography.

I hope that I continue to travel often, always with an open heart, mind and eyes, and then return safely to friends and home (where ever that may be).

In my travels I endeavor to find interesting scenes that evoke strong emotions within me. To be able to borrow (not capture) a particular image and share it with other people is my main aim.

I am a very fortunate person for many reasons – my life has become so much richer, deeper and happier as a result of meeting an amazing array of people all over the world. I have learned much about life, balance, perspective from observing and occasionally interacting with village elders, destitute children happily playing with a stick and a wheel, a parent and child laughing together etc. People you meet – they truly are the life blood of travelling.

Some of my photos have featured in local magazines in Azerbaijan, many have been sold to people from the UK, Norway, Australia, France, Finland, Azerbaijan, USA and Canada and selected photos have been displayed at numerous exhibitions over the past 8 years in Baku. One photo of part of the unique mud volcanoes in Azerbaijan won the Grand Prize at the International Photo Competition of Azerbaijan in 2002. My only sole exhibition to date, (titled “Unfinished Travels”), occurred in November 2010 at the Centre of Contemporary Art, Old City, Baku. Following this exhibition, I was invited to become an Honorary Member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan.

greg skehan December 2010