new eye photos - The joy of Youth

A pair of happy children playing on the beach in south west Madagascar.
A pair of happy children playing on the beach in south west Madagascar.
Two young girls having a friendly disagreement in Southern China
Young Buddhist monks queuing for their main meal of the day. The location is a Monastery near U Bein bridge, close to Mandalay in Myanmar (formerly Burma).
A group of local children in a village near Nizwa in Central Oman
Most of these village children in the highlands of Madagascar were happy to have their photos taken. Not so the young boy at the back of the group however.
A pair of young monks in Luang Prabang, Laos take a break from their lessons and devotions to play games.
A group of children eager to be photographed in Yemen
Two young girls manage to get to the front of a group of praying men during Eid in Kashgar, Western China
A group of happy Tibetan children celebrating at a local Festival
The thrill of a go kart ride down a steep hill - amazing construction of the very basic cart
A group of exceedingly poor children line up for a handout of "goodies" in Tibet
A very young child in China eating with chop sticks
These children from Laos are trying to sell birds to tourists. After purchasing the bird, tourists set it free, and then the bird happily returns to the children to be fed and the cycle continues to the delight of all
Cambodian children waving goodbye to a group of foreigners at Ankor Wat
A hgappy young child of the Himba tribe in Namibia