new eye photos - Memorable Architecture

Silhouette of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul
Silhouette of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul
The absolutely amazing Shwedagon Monastery in Yangon, Myanmar. I often find it difficult to stay more than an hour or so in big places like this, but I had to drag myself away after nearly 6 hours......... and then I returned again several days later!
An array of wonderful Arabic architecture in a village who's name I cannot remember in Southern Yemen. Like many of the towns in Yemen, it was fun happily getting lost meandering through the narrow streets.
An old photo, around 10 years ago in Petra, Jordan. Just go there. I cannot even begin to describe the incredible landscape and buildings carved out of / into the hillsides.
The colour and vibrance of Santorini. Go there with someone special so you can share all is has to offer. And take lots of memory cards for your camera!
A part of the ultra modern Swedish Bank built near the banks of the main river running through Vilnuis, Lithuania.
Shadows and stairs inside an old fort near Udaipur, Rajasthan
An artistically renovated rooftop in the old city section of Tbilisi, Georgia
Interesting tiles and arches inside a palace in Rajasthan.
Bizarre plumbing installation on the exterior of an apartment in Dresden, Germany
A vibrant orange coloured awning contrasts with the subdued colours in the back ground. The location is a small village near Budapest, Hungary
Stark colours and lines on the stairs form an interesting scene on the island of Santorini.
Part of the immense diversity of the roof top of Aya Sofia, Istanbul